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on cybercommunes

“Imagine the most likely use for the wired city of the future not in cyberpunk or megatripolising world music frameworks then but as a hi-tech campfire, people plugging in to remind themselves of life as it was when they were plugged out, twisting their isolation into something resembling community.” – David Toop

on space

“Where are we?  The collective mindscapes we both find and lose ourselves within seem to be rapidly mutating: the compressed ‘urban’ density of an increasingly globalized, networked, and overpopulated world; the twilight zones introduced by media saturation and the collapse of master narratives; the blurry boundary regions between identities, ethnicities, bodies, cultures; the virtual interdimensions of cyberspace.  These new social and psychic morphologies demand that we reimagine space itself.” – Erik Davis

on roots music

“You could hear these roots in the music’s moist guitars and stoned pace, its ‘natural mystic’ vibrations, and its crunchy, spongy beats (Marley called it ‘earth-feeling music’).  And you could feel the roots as well in the virtual Africa that hovered on the messianic horizon of the music, an ancient motherland and future kingdom built from the gnostic longings of souls exiled in the brave New World of Babylon.” – Erik Davis

on electro-acoustic cyberspace

“A significant portion of electronically-mediated music has been explicitly concerned with constructing virtual spaces.” – Erik Davis

“Just as jungle significantly reorganizes the possible vectors and gestures of the physical dance, it radically reorganizes the ‘mental dance’ as well, propelling us into a compressed space of multiplicity that both challenges and reflects the larger mutations in our contemporary world-space.” – Erik Davis

“We live in a single constricted space resonant with tribal drums.” – Marshall McLuhan

on the cyberstudio

“The studio must be like a living thing…The machine must be live and intelligent.  Then I put my mind into the machine by sending it through the controls and the knobs or into the jack panel.  The jack panel is the brain itself, so you’ve got to patch up the brain and make the brain a living man, but the brain can take what you’re sending into it and live.” – Lee “Scratch” Perry