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“The Bionic Stand” by Christopher Conte


“It’s about achieving a trance state, which is another thing about computer music that a lot of people don’t give credit to. When you’re in a place with the headphones on and you’re listening to a loop over and over, it becomes just like a mantra, man. You just get lost in a loop, and it’s a really beautiful thing.” – FlyLo

on space

“Where are we?  The collective mindscapes we both find and lose ourselves within seem to be rapidly mutating: the compressed ‘urban’ density of an increasingly globalized, networked, and overpopulated world; the twilight zones introduced by media saturation and the collapse of master narratives; the blurry boundary regions between identities, ethnicities, bodies, cultures; the virtual interdimensions of cyberspace.  These new social and psychic morphologies demand that we reimagine space itself.” – Erik Davis