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“The American idea of racial progress is measured by how fast I become white.” – James Baldwin


on space

“Where are we?  The collective mindscapes we both find and lose ourselves within seem to be rapidly mutating: the compressed ‘urban’ density of an increasingly globalized, networked, and overpopulated world; the twilight zones introduced by media saturation and the collapse of master narratives; the blurry boundary regions between identities, ethnicities, bodies, cultures; the virtual interdimensions of cyberspace.  These new social and psychic morphologies demand that we reimagine space itself.” – Erik Davis

“Fu-gee-la” by the Fugees

“Yo check it out; I want all the refugees out there to put up your muthafuckin hands.  You know you’re a fucking immigrant, put up your hands.  I’m-a start off this shit like this time around. ‘H’ to the ‘a’ to the ‘i’ to the ‘t,’ I live or die nuthin but the darkside.” – Fugees

“As opposed to portraying refugees as victims of or threats to national welfare, as is so often the case, the Fugees imagine refugees as heroic citizens who battle injustices from the borders of the nation state…” – Alexander Weheliye