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on innersight

“‘Keeping it real’ no longer means representing, because there’s no defined reality left to represent.  Knowledge now means innersight, which overwhelms the true/false binary.” – Kodwo Eshun


on turntable terranova

“Science razes consciousness…Terror razes consciousness by destroying the old grooves of the head.  The decks become what Lee Perry terms the ‘Turntable Terranova.’  A New Earth emerges from the new grooves of the newly scored mind.” – Kodwo Eshun

“Diary of a Madman” by Gravediggaz

“Heaven and Hell are on earth.  They’re your good times and your bad times.  The holy war is the struggle inside our heads, the war for peace.  People walk around mentally dead.  It’s our duty to dig up their mental graves and bring them back to life.” – RZA

“The RZA’s phantasmic HipHop productions induce visions in the ear.  Every breath becomes a wince of pain like a knife being swallowed.  Each suck of tical turns into a sharp intake, the shuddering gasp of someone being hacked at.” – Kodwo Eshun